January 2012

View from the Harbor

photo by Dori Schweier


photo by Dori Schweier

Mnemonic by Marjorie Mir

photo by Dori Schweier



“Fall back,” we tell ourselves,
beginning the trek toward early dark,
and we do, still do,
coming from cold streets
into lamplight,
cupping a mug in both hands;
limits, the comfort of habit,
these are not yet taken from us,
nor a darkness whose face is familial,
winter that closes us in.

Marjorie Mir

Jeff by Alison Hill

December on Monhegan

photo by Dori Schweier

Through the Eye

photo by Dori Schweier

D.T. Sheridan

photo by Dori Schweier

The D.T. Sheridan was a two-stacked, seagoing diesel tug, towing two deeply loaded coal barges when she ran aground at Lobster Cove in 1948.

Captain William S. Humphrey

image provided by Monhegan Museum

Mail Service was first established as early as 1858, the postmaster was Moses Starling who made weekly trips to Port Clyde and delivered the mail from his kitchen table, James Trefethren succeeded him but the post office was apparently closed in the 1870’s and not reopened until 1883. Captain William S. Humphrey ran the mail from 1883 through the 1890’s.

Dori by Alison Hill

Love this painting because it features Dori, who is supplying the amazing new images of Monhegan on this site and it is painted by Alison Hill, this January’s featured artist. See more of Alison’s artwork on her website www.alisonhill.net

Sea Smoke

Sea Smoke photo by Dori Schweier

This morning on Monhegan Island… the forecast is COLD!

Sunset over Manana

photo by Dori Schweier

Lobster Cove Surf by Alison Hill

Lobster Cove Surf by Alison Hill

For more, see Alison’s web site.

Alison Hill Painting

Alison Hill painting