February 2012

Thank you, Kevin!

Splash by Kevin Beers

“Washer Woman- another 6X8 pochade. It’s fun to do quick  little studies”- Kevin Beers

Many Thanks to Kevin Beers for allowing us to feature his amazing work, pictures of his wedding and his beautiful wife, Amy and also her portrait of  him on the site this February. To see more of Kevin’s Art please visit his website at  KBeers.com or see it live  at Gleason Fine Arts Portland Gallery– the Show is there through March 31st!  Great article on the show  here!

Whitehead by Kevin Beers

“Another little pochade. Fun!”- Kevin Beers

Down To The Wharf by Kevin Beers

“Down To The Wharf – another fave. It’s a biggish one- 27X36- It’s another favorite motif. Two summers ago I painted 16 canvases of exactly the same view with the same composition,  The only thing that changed was the light and time of day. They started at 5:30 AM and went to about 8PM. When I’d be painting a painting of the scene the light would change and I’d think “well this is really nice too” so I’d want to do another. So that summer I made a formal thing out of it and did one painting after another as the light changed. It was fun and fascinating to see the differences from one to another. I understood what Monet saw in doing series. I love how the light changes as it rakes over Manana. Manana changes – not only the shadows but the colors themselves. It’s as if Manana is a screen that light is projected on. This one feels like a Maine summer day to me.”- Kevin Beers

The Library by Kevin Beers

“The Library in the Shadows – I love the mottled light of the shadows and I love the light hitting the intense red flowers” – Kevin Beers

Trucks n’ Traps

“This one combines a bunch of my favorite things- Monhegan trucks and panoramas. I like that it gives you a sense of  ‘downtown Monhegan’. “- Kevin Beers

Up to the Light by Kevin Beers

“Up to The Light (Again)  I couldn’t tell  you how many times I have painted this scene. This is another one  I return to over and over. There is something about walking up the hill and suddenly the trees open up and you turn to the right and there is the lighthouse standing regally at the top of the hill with the rutted dirt road leading you up. “- Kevin Beers

Night Fish Houses by Kevin Beers

“People like the night time paintings. It’s something you don’t see a lot. I like painting night paintings on Monhegan because it’s one of the few places where you feel totally comfortable doing it. Not only do you feel safe but you don’t feel like people will think you’re nuts doing it- and nights on Monhegan are magical. No light pollution so you can really see the stars.”- Kevin Beers

North End of Manana by Kevin Beers

“I am crazy about Manana. It has a mysterious presence. I sometimes say that I am compelled to paint Manana the way Richard Dryfuss’s character was compelled to sculpt the Devil’s Tower out of mashed potatoes in Close Encounters.”- Kevin Beers

The Dorie by Kevin Beers

My Father by Kevin Beers

Visit Kevin Beer’s website at http://www.kbeers.com/

Red, White and Blue by Kevin Beers

“Red, White and Blue-Light House from The Pumphouse. The other subject I am compelled to paint. I couldn’t tell you how many paintings I have done of the light house, or I should say the light keeper’s house. Every year I think I can’t do another lighthouse and then I walk up the hill and see it and it just grabs me. It is so stark and yet it just glows in the sunlight. I love the combination of the white white walls, the red roofs and the saturated blue sky.”- Kevin Beers

Calf Cove by Kevin Beers

A panorama of  Calf  Cove.

“I love the way you are tucked in this little cove and it all curves toward you as you stand there and I like walking along the trail and suddenly you walk out of the woods and this scene reveals itself. Calf  Cove seems to be a place that people don’t seem to pay attention to.”- Kevin Beers

Curled up on Monhegan

Photo by Dori Schweier

Icy Road by Kevin Beers

Stewie by Kevin Beers

” I used to love watching Stewie standing in the back of  The Island Inn truck looking off into the distance waiting for the boat. The whole boat ritual is such an integral part of  Monhegan. It’s a great ritual to have to punctuate your trip by getting on a boat. You really feel like you’re going someplace special. Or leaving someplace special.”- Kevin Beers

Great article on Kevin Beer’s Art Show at Gleason Fine Arts Portland Gallery here! The Show is there through March 31st!

Gull Rock by Kevin Beers

“Gull Rock ( little 6X8″ pochade painting- a pochade is a little sketch- Pochade comes from the French poche which means pocket- it’s a little painting that you could practically put in your pocket)”- Kevin Beers


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Icy Horne Hill by Kevin Beers


Visit Kevin Beer’s website at http://www.kbeers.com/


Dorie Geometry by Kevin Beers

“I love the goemetry of this one and the yellow window. A fave” – Kevin Beers



photo by Dori Schweier