February 2012

The Dock in Fog by Kevin Beers

Looking down from the Cliffs by Kevin Beers

“This is an old one from the later 90s”- Kevin Beers

My Coat and Monhegan Hat by Kevin Beers

Visit Kevin Beer’s website at http://www.kbeers.com/

Cruising in Doogon

photo by Dori Schweier

Home by Dark

photo by Michaelanne Rosenzweig

Looking over the Village by Kevin Beers

Looking Over the Village From High Moorings

Amy’s Braid by Kevin Beers

Monhegan Wedding

Mr. and Mrs. Beers!

Kevin by Amy Williams Beers

Monhegan Wildlife

photo by Dori Schweier

Ed and The Museum by Kevin Beers

“Ed Deci is the founder and leader of the museum (and married Amy and I)”- Kevin Beers

Kevin Beers painting on Monhegan

A Different View

photo by Dori Schweier

Fish Houses, 6 PM by Kevin Beers

My Brushes by Kevin Beers

Look forward to seeing more of Kevin Beers’ amazing artwork throughout February. For instant gratification check out his website at http://www.kbeers.com/