April 2012

Monhegan Painter by Stan Moelller

Monhegan Painter, 12×16  (On top of Burnthead)

Visit StanMoeller.com to see more of Stan Moeller’s Art.

Spring on Monhegan

Photo by Dori Schweier

Laundry Day by Stan Moeller

Laundry Day, 12×9

“(Behind the Yew)….This was a demonstration for a class”- Stan Moeller

“The life that I have chosen gives me full hours of enjoyment
for the balance of my life. The sun will not rise or set without
my notice and thanks.”    – Winslow Homer/ Prouts Neck 1895

Spring on Monhegan

Photo by Dori Schweier

Fish House Interior by Stan Moeller

“This was a study for a much larger piece…as usual I tend to like the energy of a study the best.” – Stan Moeller

Golden-Crowned Kinglet on Monhegan

Photo by Dori Schweier

Evening Surf by Stan Moeller

To see more of Stan Moeller’s art please visit StanMoeller.com .

The Red House

Photo by Dori Schweier

Ferry Ride by Stan Moeller

Stan Moeller painting at Gull Cove

“You have to work hard, but
I don’t think it’s hard work.”
    -Chris Martin (Coldplay)

Cranberry Juice by Stan Moeller

“Cranberry Juice” featuring Willow.

April’s Artist of the month is Stan Moeller. To see more of Stan’s artwork please visit his website at  stanmoeller.com .

Amazing April

photo by Dori Schweier

So excited for Spring- new pictures from Dori and phenomenal artwork by Stan Moeller- looks like April is going to be a great month! Enjoy!