March 2012


photo by Dori Schweier

Waiting for Spring

photo by Dori Schweier

A Westerly Breeze by Don Stone, N.A.

” The painting is a small sketch of laundry done from Fish Beach and showing the Island Inn in the background.”- Don Stone, N.A.

A 10X12 oil on canvas. See more artwork and information on Don at .

Lunchtime by Don Stone, N.A.

“The painting depicts gulls scavenging for their food.”- Don Stone, N.A.

A   30X36 oil on canvas.

Trapped in Winter on Monhegan!

photo by Dori Schweier

Afternoon Light by Don Stone, N.A.

“This painting shows us the constant battle between the sea and the land.”- Don Stone, N.A.

A 30×36 Oil on Canvas.

Snowy Manana

photo by Dori Schweier


Above Norton’s Ledge by Don Stone, N.A.

“A winter trip around Monhegan on Route 1.  The snow adds a dimension that summer visitors never see.”- Don Stone, N.A.

Please enjoy this 30×36 Oil on canvas by March’s Artist of the month, Don Stone. Don has been painting on Monhegan since 1956- it is an honor to be able to share his work here. For more information about this artist please visit his website at

A Winter View from Monhegan

photo by Dori Schweier

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