Wind After Storm – Carol Tashijian

Wind After Storm The wind tears at the shutters And rattles the doors. The wind converses in many voices, Low and reverberant. The wind tosses the crows Up the incandescent sky. The gull teeters on the cliff’s edge And plunges into the wind Which bears it away. The wind polishes the day And dries the […]

Pebble Beach – Betsy Bunn

PEBBLE BEACH 2010 The pebbles are still here, of course, Piled up as they have been for eons- Stone against enormous stone Heaped on the edge of the world.   I like to think that giants once played ball with these rocks           or marbles, or bowling-         […]

Last Day on Monhegan – Sally Woolf-Wade

LAST DAY ON MONHEGAN Columbus Day, 2002   The mist dribbles down, heavy with salt stirred around by wind from the East scooped up from spray on White Head, Black, Burnt Head and Lobster Cove. Surf explodes skyhigh like geysers  with shuddering, thunderous terror. A child and her father run down the road in haste […]

Monhegan Farewell

Labor Day 2010  has just past.  And as often observed, there has been a change in the air as the temperatures have dropped following whatever was of Hurricane Earl. For the Raquel (Ricki) and Peter Boehmer family, a seismic change beyond that of the air has descended upon us.  After our marvelous Monhegan years, we […]

Just passing through

Just passing through  For more than three decades I identified with Monhegan Island. Even to the point of claiming “peter at monhegan” as my e-mail address. The fact is that Peter is no longer at Monhegan. We’ve all shed as many identities as our lobsters have shed their shells. When our family moved onto the […]

A Walk on Monhegan – George Anthony

  A Walk on Monhegan: an Excerpt                         The path opens to tote road leaving wood-dusk with the sweet  odors of fir balsam and skunk cabbage.  A wood-cock churrs.  The village is washed and fragrant (fresh home-made bread and butter in the garden) The morning-glories and […]