January 2012

Thank You, Alison!

Thank you, Alison for being our first featured artist! For more of Alison’s artwork please visit her website at http://www.alisonhill.net/

February’s Featured Artist is ?!?

Can you guess who February’s featured artist is ?!?

Rainy Day, Inside

photo by Michaelanne Rosenzweig

Cruising in Doogon

photo by Dori Schweier

The May Archer

photo provided by the Monhegan Museum

The mailboat inevitably became the passenger ferry as well and in 1907, Captain Isaac E. Archibald used his 80 foot steamer, The May Archer to transport building supplies for the Island Inn, a new wharf was built by the next year and freight, mail and passenger service from Thomaston to Monhegan to Boothbay and back via Monhegan followed.

The Rope Shed is OPEN!

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Summer Laundry by Alison Hill

In Flight

photo by Dori Schweier


photo by Michaelanne Rosenzweig

Monhegan Fish House by Alison Hill

Amazing Sky

photo by Dori Schweier

January on Monhegan

photo by Dori Schweier



Wicked cold day.
An afternoon walk with the dogs
down to the dock
where buffleheads, like bath toys,
teeter on waves. Distant islands
are in mirage. If only I could
sense summer–
whiff of salt, touch
of hand to warm rock or
to stand in the middle of a cloudless
aquamarine summer day
and chew on buttery steamers
cooked in a black iron pot
over a beach fire.
thing any
The dogs look up at me,
wide-eyed, plead
walk us back, walk us
back to the house, walk us
back inside where the fire blazes.
They will not leave
until I do. I sigh, move back up the path,
return to leafing through photo albums
filled with aquamarine summer days.

Bonnie Thompson Enes

Monhegan Harbor by Alison Hill

See more of Alison’s artwork on her website www.alisonhill.net

Winter Works

photo by Michaelanne Rosenzweig

I wonder what good stuff we can look forward to seeing in Winter Works this summer?

The Schooner, Effort

Image provided by the Monhegan Museum

Captain Humphrey delivered the mail first from Port Clyde 2x per week , then in 1884 from Boothbay. First from his sloop, the Goldsmith Maid and then from 1888 from his schooner, Effort. Captain George F. Brackett took over the Effort in the 1890s. In the book, An Eye for the Coast the story is that sometime in the 1800s a gasoline engine was installed and that a guest invited onboard to admire the new device, lit his pipe and dropped his match in the bilge, igniting fumes. The Effort’s last appearance in the List of Merchant Vessels in 1907 suggests that modernization, the explosion and subsequent retirement occurred around 1907.

Irene, 2011

photo by Michaelanne Rosenzweig

Cruising in Doogon

photo by Dori Schweier

Cards to Harry

H.T. Bone

A very unhappy piece of news about Harry Bone came our way a month or so
ago, He has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Following surgery has
been living in a nursing home in his home town. Although his short-term
memory is poor, he has excellent long-term memory and loves to hear
from his old friends. Jan and Billy visited him, as did Billy Boynton
and Janice Green, among others, and report that he isn’t in pain and
that he saves his cards and rereads them.
His address is;
Good Shepherd Nursing
1200 W. New York
Deland, FL 32720
This seems like a great chance to be able to tell Harry how much we care
about him, and to remind him of funny or happy things we remember doing
with him as well as things we love about him and will remember. (His
great smile, maybe?)

Lucia Miller

The Monhegan Dock by Alison Hill