Fox Islands windmill sound recording – Monhegan’s future?

Monheganers can now contemplate the sort of sound that would accompany an on-island windmill,  should one be built on your fair isle.  Just listen to a  podcast of an hourlong unedited recording of Fox Islands Windmills’  sound on Vinalhaven.    Recorded midnight January 1st 2010, when sound meter registered 49-49 dBa.   Recorded on porch of a […]

The Ripening – Thais Gloor

THE RIPENING Oh, where’s the pail? No, the berry pail.. Ah, there it is – Grab it and run The sun is high It is warm  It is the end of July I am dreaming of pie! Toasty warm, fragrant, delicious blueberry pie from my toasty warm, fragrant, delicious blueberry patch kind of day today […]

Mary Barney

[smooth=id: 2; width:500; height:500; timed:true; arrows:false; carousel:false; links:true; info:false; align:center; frames:false; delay:7000; transition:crossfade;] Photos by various friends of Mary Barney. Memorial Celebration today.