Island Cottage – Marjorie Mir

ISLAND COTTAGE for Frances Vaughan Over the years and many visits, since no one was at home, imagination was my entry, allowed me morning coffee  on the small front deck, the privilege of touching down lightly, lingering there. Today an invitation came from the poet whose cottage it happens to be. Inside, it is trig […]

UMaine prof on Monhegan wind test site, offshore windpower’s future & the end of land-based windmilling. Audio.

At a Maine Wind forum May 20, 2010 at the Rockport Opera House, locations  as varied as Ragged Mountain, Vinalhaven, Monhegan and waters 20 to 50 miles offshore were discussed. The key speaker University of Maine’s Habib Dagher, PhD, leader of the DeepCwind Consortium said that the conflicts over the siting and effects of land-based and nearshore windfarming […]

“Some Day I Will Build Here”

“SOME DAY I WILL BUILD HERE” – Lucia Weinhardt When I first found it years ago, this ramshackle affair was just barely a footprint on a sweet and lonely piece of land not too far from the back side’s ever-alluring edge. Nestled amongst the low-lying scrub and the skeletal bones of the once burnt and […]