Sunday Service – Alonzo Gibbs

SUNDAY SERVICE                              The road shaped to a slope divides.  Monhegan House, Trailing Yew, Mrs. Cundy’s Cottage- windows over walls of darkened roses.  We step from church into our galaxy, which here includes the scattered lamps of town. Our unspoiled night can […]

Blessings – Gayle LaVallee

Blessings Barefoot and hair unbound. in cotton gown I lean against the wood frame of my door and watch the day bleed down to fill the wine-tinged sea I close the door. Now in my room and my small bed, I turn toward sleep. Above my roof, darkness moves in to mingle with the darkened […]

Supper- Marjorie Mir

  Supper  for Emma                                                        This evening, trees outside yellowing to winter, inside, the ceiling lamp lit against too-early dark, round table with papers pushed aside to make room […]