March 2012

Thank you, Don!

October Seas 2011 by Don Stone, N.A.

Thank you, Don for being our March featured artist! To see more art by Don Stone, N.A. please visit


April’s Artist of the Month is ?

This is a portion of a painting from April’s featured Artist- can you guess who it is?

Tree on Fire

photo by Dori Schweier

Alfred at Fish Beach by Don Stone, N.A.

“The painting is a study of my good friend and neighbor standing at his place of business.”- Don Stone, N.A.

A 10X12 oil on canvas.

Na Na Na Na!

photo by Dori Schweier

Back Wash by Don Stone, N.A.

” I was as interested in the patterns of the foam returning to the sea, as I was of the sea coming to the shore.”- Don Stone, N.A.

A 24X30 oil on canvas.

The Early Boat

Traveling to Monhegan on the Laura B.

Monhegan Memories

Monhegan Blues

Leaving the Light On

photo by Dori Schweier



~After reading “It Is Born,” by Pablo Neruda

I have consulted his poems about the sea
to dampen the dust of my dry yearning,
but even here a fire is born. I am left
thirsty for blue, for air whetted with salt.

Where is the hidden cove with its
sea glass treasures, the gulls afloat
on evening’s wind? The soul
conspires to meet me there,

but the body, weighted by entropy,
its possessions, the accoutrements
of age, cannot be moved so fettered
by its limitations.

Marilyn Ringer

from, Island Aubade, Finishing Line Press, 2012

P.O. Box 1626

Georgetown, Kentucky 40324

Beach Glass Pickers by Don Stone, N.A.

“Picking up sea glass on Swim Beach if a favorite pastime for many summer visitors.  For some islanders the glass is used to make beautiful ornaments, such as wreaths.” – Don Stone, N.A.

A 16X20 oil on canvas.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Image by Dori Schweier

Amber by Don Stone, N.A.

“This is a painting of a young summer visitor picking day lilies for her mom.” – Don Stone, N.A.

A 16 X 20 oil on canvas.


The world is a little bit grayer today- rest in peace, Harry T.- we will miss your smile, sense of humor and unique character. I am grateful for the memories I have of you!


Spring Construction Site

Photo by Dori Schweier

Spectacular Island Sunset

photo by Dori Schweier

Late December Light, Gull Rock, Monhegan by Don Stone, N.A.

” I was fascinated by the raking light skimming across Gull Rock.”- Don Stone, N.A.

A 30X40 oil on canvas.

Birders by Don Stone, N.A.

“This was the inspiration for the larger painting “Late December Light, Gull Rock, Monhegan.”- Don Stone, N.A.

Tomorrow check back to see Don’s larger image- “Late December Light, Gull Rock, Monhegan”.

Winter Fishing by Don Stone, N.A.

“Winter Fishing” was done from Alfred’s boat looking at Lexi’s boat shortly after Trap Day. Ever since I first painted on Monhegan in 1956 and still today, I have challenged myself to find subject matter beyond the obvious.  I believe “Winter Fishing” exemplifies that challenge.”- Don Stone, N.A.

A 30X40 oil on canvas.