NACE EL FUEGO ~After reading “It Is Born,” by Pablo Neruda I have consulted his poems about the sea to dampen the dust of my dry yearning, but even here a fire is born. I am left thirsty for blue, for air whetted with salt. Where is the hidden cove with its sea glass treasures, […]


The world is a little bit grayer today- rest in peace, Harry T.- we will miss your smile, sense of humor and unique character. I am grateful for the memories I have of you!  

Winter Fishing by Don Stone, N.A.

“Winter Fishing” was done from Alfred’s boat looking at Lexi’s boat shortly after Trap Day. Ever since I first painted on Monhegan in 1956 and still today, I have challenged myself to find subject matter beyond the obvious.  I believe “Winter Fishing” exemplifies that challenge.”- Don Stone, N.A. A 30X40 oil on canvas.