September 5, by Marjorie Mir

September 5th Summer ebbs out. We look for warmth where we can find it, cat and companion in tide-pools of sun, until chill air stirs us, moves us on, itinerants, following a season’s shoreline, light’s retreating tide as far as time allows. Marjorie Mir

September by Jan Bailey

And now the slow slide into autumn: the thinning crickets, the monarchs moving weightless among us like orange angels, the tight-lipped rose hips; the brown curl of aspen leaf, the bikes tossed willy-nilly on the schoolhouse lawn. Even the shadows slide, like blue cloaks about the apple trees. Now the mornings deepen; the meadow glints […]

Reaching Out by Daphne Stern

REACHING OUT A hand from the present stretches backward to touch the heart from the past, gently reinforcing, affirming the common love of an island, a place that changes. Not to worry, says the outstretched hand, your love and memory are safe here, understood here, despite the changing times. No need to become lost in […]