January Snow – L.E. Wilson

JANUARY SNOW  A New Year’s snow, the snow untouched, the road is forked ahead, without a footprint or a track. The winter-morning shadows lean and indicate the right, but we want left where no one lives in winter, ‘round the bend and down the hill, a shuttered cottage on  the cove. It’s hard to visualize […]

Island Weddings

Do you have any Monhegan Wedding photographs that you would like posted?  Doesn’t have to be your wedding (assuming the participants are ok with the postings).  Send them to peter@monhegan.com with Island Wedding in the subject line before the first of the year. Thanks….Peter

Island Pond Has Frozen – Jim Stallings

ISLAND POND HAS FROZEN  Island pond has frozen But not enough for skaters. Weather says: Three to five inches Of white stuff, Rain and sleet.  Hunker down, Hearth Huggers, Bolster forth, Brave Hearts.  Yes, we are dreamers of winter full, Still shy the solstice When time hangs still Twixt shorter nights And longer days to […]