Unstrung – Sharon Salmon

UNSTRUNG Here I am at last, settled on my Island porch after taking days to leave my life behind: The over-tended gardens of rosemary, delphinium, thyme; The steady clamor of pet ducks and telephones and mail; The crawling mind-clutter and crazy flap-clatter of just too many connections. I’m fitting torn edges to new here on […]


With great sorrow I learned of Bob and Ann Bartels loss of their longtime pet (and friend), Shadrach.  Shadrach, at 42, died suddenly.  If you have a picture of the Island’s most famous parrot please either post it here or send it to me and I will do so for you.

That Sea – L.E. Wilson

THAT SEA           I first beheld the sea when I was twen- ty two, immediately knelt to drink to taste, first-hand, if it were really salt (you never know–the stories could’ve lied) first chance to dream beyond the blue hori- zon’s edge, expand a midwest prairie’s view to something grander: waves […]