Six Knots Tied on Pulpit Rock – Matt Kiell

SIX KNOTS TIED ON PULPIT ROCK (A Painter Observes…Then Paints) 1) What is this isolation That he feels? Alone He sits upon this rock And conducts communion With song birds perched On thorny branches Singing plaintive songs That carry past the trees.   2) What is this isolation That he alone feels? Are these clouds […]

Communion – Jan Bailey

                                          Communion  I am the tuck of turquoise water. the slap of spray on ocean rocks. I am the boat, the effort of her engines, the voice of the captain pointing out the woman whipped against […]

Then and Now – Ann Carson

THEN AND NOW Four years since fog and roses. So much to take in, as I set off on the road, barely making it to Carina, once the first stop. Sinking to a bench, still smiling, greeting old friends, arranging for provisions, the temporary relief from pain passing for contentment. Yearning pulls me up and […]

Returning – Irene MacCollar

I dream of my return to that place: dusty roads, cliffs that for just a moment make you believe you can fly, and fog weaving between tall trees. In my dreams I sneak between weathered cottages and boathouses and pick my way through strands of retired lobster buoys until at last, the little harbor reveals […]