Thank you, Jerry!

Island Tribute, 20 x 24 oil “A few summers ago there was an island tragedy.  A lobsterman’s boat was hit by a rogue wave. The Captain did not survive. As a tribute I painted this image.  The empty dory in the church yard is symbolic like the empty boots of fallen fire fighters in front […]

Churning Seas by Jerry Cable

Churning Seas,  5.5 x 6.5 oil “Sometimes I prefer to abandon my hard edge technique of painting for something a little more random and head for the surf usually when there is word of a big storm surge. There is something about the randomness of crashing waves that becomes very abstract for me.”- Jerry Cable […]

Ruby by Jerry Cable

    Ruby ,  5.5 x 5.5  oil “A few summers ago one of the islanders decided to bring goats to Manana.  Having raised goats and sheep I was very interested in their survival on Manana. By the end of the summer I had learned all their names and this is Ruby!”- Jerry Cable  

Monhegan Landing by Jerry Cable

Monhegan Landing,   12 x 18 oil “Monhegan landing is also a favorite with viewers because it is the view one first sees when you arrive by ferry to the island.  It was done from a photograph that I took standing on the deck of the Laura B.”- Jerry Cable Jerry Cable  

Veil on Manana by Jerry Cable

Veil on Manana,  12 x 16 oil “Since my studio overlooks the wharf and harbor I tend to paint what’s directly outside my door. In order to keep it fresh while painting the same view again and again I try to give myself a challenge.  This painting was part of a series of Yellow sky […]

Morning Chores by Jerry Cable

Morning  Chores,  10 x 16 oil “I rarely include actual figures in my paintings preferring instead to suggest the presence of someone. In Morning  Chores I’ve added a clothesline and laundry perhaps just hung by the Keeper’s wife.”- Jerry Cable

Kent House by Jerry Cable

Kent House  11 x 16 “This house built by Famed Artist Rockwell Kent for his mother Sarah Kent has always fascinated me.  How exciting it would be to experience a nor’easter from inside. My intent was to capture the charm and strength of a turn of a historic cottage. Imagine what stories its walls could […]