The Ripening – Thais Gloor

The Ripening  Oh, where’s the pail? No, the berry pail… Ah, there it is – Grab it and run  The sun is high It is warm It is the end of July  I am dreaming of pie!  Toasty warm, fragrant delicious blueberry pie  from my tasty warm fragrant delicious blueberry patch kind of day today […]

The View from Above: Monhegan House, 7 A.M.

 The View from Above: Monhegan House, 7 A.M.   Into the small frame, modest landscape of yellow garden hose, overturned red barrow, the settled gray of shingled houses, early lettuce bedded out, lilacs at crescendo,   here she comes, trotting at a pony’s pace, a young girl in a striped knit cap, pom-pom bobbing on a […]

Ed Johnson

Artist Edmond C. Johnson, 84, passed away at his home on June 30, 2011. He was a lifelong resident of North Easton. For the past 28 years, Ed spent summers on Monhegan Island in Maine, where he owned a picturesque home and art studio. Full obituary here.