Written on the Mainland – Jean Gowdey

  WRITTEN ON THE MAINLAND  In all the moss-deep silences, And all the dappled wells Of silence, gray and green and gold, In closely woven spells  The trees make, in the island’s heart– Still half-uncaptured we Within ourselves must hear the sound Of slanting, murmurous sea.  It is an island’s value that Each least thing, […]

The Comfort of a Smooth Stone – Betsy Kudlacz

THE COMFORT OF A SMOOTH STONE  I collected stones like friends filled empty shelves with chunks of mountain granite their feldspar blushing pink in mica mirrors, crinoids, trilobites, brachipods those hard bodies of Ordovician sea stuff, gaping mouths of geodes flashing sharp crystal teeth, odd lumps of pock-marked pumice, a smorgasbord of conglomerate.  I collect […]

Thomas Crowley, Jr’s Monhegan

First Contact, Lifetime Impact I first sailed into Monhegan when I was 17. It was 1965. I saw a man walk out of a shelter made of driftwood followed by goats. I saw a white hotel on the other island and no one was there. I heard a car engine and then it stopped. It […]

Larry Wilson’s Monhegan

My first experience of Monhegan was summed up in a sonnet I wrote which starts : “we came last summer, just the day, an impulse ticket out of Boothbay Harbour, and the Island hidden, clouded, veiled in rain…” Someone had declared a poetry night at the Library and I wrote two sonnets in an afternoon […]

Dawn Peck’s Monhegan

I have been really enjoying all the responses to Experiencing Monhegan (for the first time or again).  Monhegan seems, based on so many of these descriptions, to be a true wellspring to many people – a place to be renewed in whatever way each needs to be.  That is amazing.  My own first experience of […]

Stones – Bonnie Enes

Epigraph: In winter a stone is frozen in place  when there is a thaw there is a space underneath  that fills in with dirt lifting the stone the stone doesn’t work its way up to the surface.  –Robert Thorson, Stone by Stone     Stones   Robert Thorson has a thing for stones. Moved here […]

Remembering Monhegan

(This isn’t MY (Thais Faller Gloor’s) memory, but the response of a friend that brings to mind many things.) Last summer a first-time visiting friend of mine commented after a couple of days on how “immersed in the earth” she felt while on the island. I loved the way she put it, and totally agreed […]