Rope Shed, and then some

Oh, this old soul is lamenting the loss of the Ropeshed. It was in the past a forum. Ideas, thoughts to be discussed and ruminated upon, then responded to. Sometimes feisty, of course, but nonetheless invigorating. You looked at the opening photo. That got your head in the proper space. Then you went to the […]

Monhegan’s possible wind futures.

A gentleman  living on the shore of Lake Michigan ,who loves that  great freshwater sea, sent these surrealistic possible futures of Monhegan and Manana, should they becomes a locus of Maine wind generation.  After all, if one or two windpoles have ‘no significant impact’, why should 3 or 4?  Or…more?   Take a look at what […]

Island Worship – David Reece

ISLAND WORSHIP Small white church, divine in its simplicity, radiant in the sun, but still so new. Come nightfall, this island, ancient, elemental, harkens back to older gods. Walk the trails, long after midnight. Stare hard at the waves, breaking in the moonlight off Green Point. Is that Poseidon, striding through the surf, waving his […]

What Really Matters?

Monhegan is a particular place that has existed for a long time; humans have lived on or visited it for only part of that time. As always, we humans live in between the past and the future. We hope to continue to learn from the past and carry some of our own learning forward for […]