June 2018

Another view Clipper Ship

Image by Barbara Hitchcock

3 Masted Clipper Ship

Image by Barbara Hitchcock


More Wild Roses

Wild Trail Roses

Life Bouy safeguard MI trail

Bird’s-eye Monhegan Village n Manana

Remnant of 2018 Summer Solstice MI

Image by Pam Rollinger

Another Summer Solstice image of 6/21/18

Image by Pam Rollinger

Solstice Sunset over Monhegan

Image by Pam Rollinger

Monhegan Island Shipwreck

Shipwreck Debris

Wild Primrose, MI

High Seas off Monhegan Is.

Trail window looking N, MI

Looking North up Island Trail

Grouse along outer Trail

Monhegan Grouse

Looking North, Black Head, M.I.

Monhegan Strawberry, MI Trail