With great sorrow I learned of Bob and Ann Bartels loss of their longtime pet (and friend), Shadrach. ¬†Shadrach, at 42, died suddenly. ¬†If you have a picture of the Island’s most famous parrot please either post it here or send it to me and I will do so for you.

6 thoughts on “Shadrach

  1. A slight correction – Shadrack would have been 49 on 21 June 2010.

    Merci beaucoup! !!! Danke schoen! !!!! Gracias!!!! 1000X Thanks!!!!

  2. Oh, Ann and Bob, I am so sorry. She was such a part of the Island, greeting visitors and old friends, and prompting interesting conversations. I have quite a few pictures of the “rock sitters” with Shadrack perched on her stick which I will treasure even more.

  3. Oh, Bob and Ann, I know you are devastated. Shadrack was a totem of the Bartels family – and a proper one! I shall wear her feather with pride.
    And who shall greet us back to Monhegan this season? Warm and welcoming Mandy’s no longer on the Black Duck stoop. Gone is lovely Emma, the quiet sentinel of the North End. now Shadrack, the Mean Green Machine of the Lookout Rock. All gone. Of course there will be others. But none quite like these three.

  4. Hi, Bob & Ann- So sorry to hear about Shadrack, who surely had a great presence about him. Hope to see you this summer. -Kevin

  5. hi bob and ann,
    i am so sorry for your loss – shadrack was certainly a big part of my island spirit and i shall miss seeing him on the island inn lawn meeting the boat. both lilly and will beck, my niece and nephew, grew up looking for him there. wishing you peace in this time of loss ~ minni flynn

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