Dawn Peck’s Monhegan

I have been really enjoying all the responses to Experiencing Monhegan (for the first time or again).  Monhegan seems, based on so many of these descriptions, to be a true wellspring to many people – a place to be renewed in whatever way each needs to be.  That is amazing.  My own first experience of Monhegan came after many years of wanting to go there as a child and having no one take me.  Sigh.  I finally got the opportunity, when I “dragged” my youngest child (as a surly adolescent) along with me for a day trip there on our way north to a wilderness canoe camp in northern Maine.  We went for a day in June – a rainy, foggy, sea-sick inducing day on the water.  I pulled her along a too-long hike for the time we had (did not follow the visitor map instructions for which hikes are recommended for day-trippers).  But, I was smitten.  I convinced my husband to go back the following summer to celebrate our 30th anniversary (there is no where else in the world I would like to go).  That was 7 years ago, and we have returned each summer.  Now I am focused on trying to stretch out our one week to longer and longer…..   And, amazingly, the “surly” adolescent, who is no longer an adolescent, wants to return!   A wellspring indeed.