7 thoughts on “Ahhhhhh

  1. I remember the late afternoon days in the winter (you know… 4 pm?) when the sun would be low on the southern end of Manana and the prevailing southerly swells would crash against casket rock with the north-easterly wind. It would throw the spray back and be back lighted by the sun. You had to look quick as the sun went down pretty fast in the winter. Those days were pretty. Not so pretty was the strong south westerly swell backed by a southerly wind that came rolling up the harbor… Lisa Brackett has some beautiful pictures of exactly what I am talking about….

  2. Thank you Lance, I can’t get enough of it!! Although I dream for warm soaked, sunny beaches, I am a Maine girl and I take the bitter with the salt, and one for the Road Hog, (and the Road Hogs Hog)!

  3. Lisa,

    I live where we have warm sun soaked beaches – I always dream of Monhegan. There isn’t a better place than Maine.

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