3 thoughts on “Between the rails….Doug Way

  1. Completely different today; buckets of rain, strong wind blowing continually, very gusty, autumn leaves are flying horizontally and upward … exhilaration abounds.

    By the Way (ahem), Peter, it’s spelled “Wray” as in King Kong (grin).


  2. Hey Doug, can’t tell you how surreal it is for me, to get the Monhegan weather update from a “meterorologist from “da Region” !!!”
    Love the photos and update on weather…would you mind continuing on for a while longer with both? Please and thank you.
    oh, and I hope the wild winds do not deliver your dinner against the plate glass window again….”pheasant into glass”…
    enjoy your Island Time.

  3. Thank you for your comments to Doug….Love his photos….. hope he is able to keep them coming… Keeps my heart and soul close to The Island….. Hope all is well down there in NJ…


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