Canada Goose -Jan Bailey


 All alone on the black ice pond,
long arched neck, banded cheek,
the Canada Goose turns his back
as I pull my way from the woods,
then swings half circle to face me.

 I feel noisy in my best silence,
a clumsy oaf in red down coat,
boots, silly snowflake hat,
and, though I stand at quiet
attention, believe he must hear
my stuttered breathing, the way
he cocks his head, then straightens.

 Three times this day pulled
to my knees by beauty, by
that which takes only what
is offered, is not crumbled
by aloneness: winterberry
against the spent snow, russet
rim along Manana, the goose,
wild song rising.

 Jan Bailey, from Heart of the Other, by permission of the poet.



3 thoughts on “Canada Goose -Jan Bailey

  1. Love this poem, Jan, but the Real Life Poem is the goose that, only last week, you rescued, took to the mainland and gave a chance to live and fly free once again.


    A perfect example of “In the end, only kindness matters.”

    1. Doug, you should know that the goose, a girl it turned out, regained her health at Avian Haven, was cleared of several parasites, made friends with a male they had, recovering himself from injury. Last week they both were taken to Camden and released in a no hunting zone – together. Off they flew!

      This made me very happy.

  2. I love the concept of not being crushed by lonliness. I think being alone is where we find the most piercing beauties and have the time to process them and revel in them.
    Thank you for your words of comfort and beauty. Cathy

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