Cedar Waxwings

These beautiful birds were seen perched on an apple tree on Monhegan Island. Cedar Waxwings have the unique specialty of eating a high-fruit diet, which may explain their fondness for this tree.

Eider Crèche

Eider hens often pool their chicks together for extra protection. It is a great time of year to come to Monhegan and see young wildlife such as this!

Fish Beach Cook Out- Monday, August 6th!

Monhegan- Monday p.m.- Fish Beach Cook Out! Monday August 6th from 6- 9:30 P.M. Proceeds to Benefit the 2014 Quadricentennial of Captain John Smiths’s Landing on Monhegan Cook out highlights: Music by Terry Radigan Food! Hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, fresh garden salad donated from the community garden project, potato chips, lemon bars and more. […]

The Carina on Monhegan

by Tara Hire Carina grocery and deli has been owned and operated by Tara Hire for the last 5 years. Following in the footsteps of the previous owner, Billy Payne, she has been offering a variety of local, organic, and gourmet foods, as well as basic staples for all of the people of Monhegan, including […]

A Birder’s View of Monhegan

Brian Willson of Rockport has recently returned from a birding trip to Monhegan. His blog http://www.birdreport.com/blog/ gives a great review of bird species found on the island. See posts: http://www.birdreport.com/blog/?p=4448 http://www.birdreport.com/blog/?p=4434 http://www.birdreport.com/blog/?p=4419

Same data – different spin

One way of thinking about “a commons” is that it is a resource shared by a group of individuals.  The key word here is “sharing”.  One can only share that which is his.  In a strange sort way, the proof of having (owning, if you will) is in the giving of it to another.  And […]

Editors Wanted

Wanted! Editors Setting Early September – faculty meeting at Fordham University, Philosophy Department – purpose, teaching assignments.  Envelopes are passed out… opened …. and an audible gasp from a new Jesuit instructor, “Quantum Theory!  I don’t know anything about that…. hell, I’ve never even taught it!” Quest Do you have an interest or passion that […]


SUNDAY SERVICE The road shaped to a slope divides. Monhegan House, Trailing Yew, Mrs. Cundy’s Cottage- windows over walls of darkened roses. We step from church into our galaxy, which here includes the scattered lamps of town. Our unspoiled night can still declare God’s glory: distant waves sounding for all the world like wind in […]