Fish Beach Cook Out- Monday, August 6th!

Monhegan- Monday p.m.- Fish Beach Cook Out! Monday August 6th from 6- 9:30 P.M. Proceeds to Benefit the 2014 Quadricentennial of Captain John Smiths’s Landing on Monhegan Cook out highlights: Music by Terry Radigan Food! Hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, fresh garden salad donated from the community garden project, potato chips, lemon bars and more. […]

The Carina on Monhegan

by Tara Hire Carina grocery and deli has been owned and operated by Tara Hire for the last 5 years. Following in the footsteps of the previous owner, Billy Payne, she has been offering a variety of local, organic, and gourmet foods, as well as basic staples for all of the people of Monhegan, including […]

A Birder’s View of Monhegan

Brian Willson of Rockport has recently returned from a birding trip to Monhegan. His blog gives a great review of bird species found on the island. See posts:

Same data – different spin

One way of thinking about “a commons” is that it is a resource shared by a group of individuals.  The key word here is “sharing”.  One can only share that which is his.  In a strange sort way, the proof of having (owning, if you will) is in the giving of it to another.  And […]

Editors Wanted

Wanted! Editors Setting Early September – faculty meeting at Fordham University, Philosophy Department – purpose, teaching assignments.  Envelopes are passed out… opened …. and an audible gasp from a new Jesuit instructor, “Quantum Theory!  I don’t know anything about that…. hell, I’ve never even taught it!” Quest Do you have an interest or passion that […]


SUNDAY SERVICE The road shaped to a slope divides. Monhegan House, Trailing Yew, Mrs. Cundy’s Cottage- windows over walls of darkened roses. We step from church into our galaxy, which here includes the scattered lamps of town. Our unspoiled night can still declare God’s glory: distant waves sounding for all the world like wind in […]

Laundress by Gayle LaVallee

LAUNDRESS     early June. The hotel’s tableclothes         curled in my basket, wet             ready for hanging                 my joy among the strong white lines     pinned to the promises of season, green grass,             breeze just recently shorn of daffodils.         I am tall, romantic,             as I stretch them out, tight checks and polka dots,             in fresh sea                 sun.     in August.  […]