Dint’s Doughnut Recipe

Illustrated by Alex Barstow

…so that we might have sea roses in December…

2 cups cut-up rose hips, seeded, no stems or flower ends remaining
2 cups sugar
1 cup water
2 apples cut in pieces
(skins and seeds, too; if small, use 3 as they provide the pectin to make it jell)
4 tbsps lemon juice
Recipe from Milkweed and Winkles
Illustrated by Alex Barstow

Irish Moss Hot Lemonade

This recipe is from “Foraging Vacation: Edibles from Maine’s Sea and Shore” by Raquel Boehmer. Graphics and Design by Alex Barstow.

Mr. ViC’s Herbed Cheese

The following recipe is a favorite from Monhegan Island- think “homemade Pub Cheese”. It can be found with many other tried and true Monhegan Classic Recipes in the hard to find (and worth it’s weight in gold) Monhegan Island Cooks recipe book.

Illustrated by Alex Barstow