Cliff Artist by Bradley Hendershot

Cliff Artist       2004

Acrylic on Panel, 18 x 24 inches

signed lower right


“Monhegan Island, Maine, has long been known for its artist colony. A visit to the Island on a summer day will find artists in abundance—in the village, at the lighthouse, and, as depicted here, on the rocks. The idea for this painting came about in the summer of 2003. I was walking out near the rocks when I happened upon an artist friend of mine, perched on a rock cliff and totally engrossed in sketching the sea. Numerous studies were done, and the finished painting was completed in the studio in summer of 2004. Anyone familiar with the Lobster Point area will immediately recognize this particular knoll. My artist friend is Victoria Nelson, but only a back view of her is shown in the painting, so her figure becomes representative of all the artists that have painted on the Island over the years.”- Bradley Hendershot