Dinner at Six, Monhegan House – R.A. Szostek


It became a memorable first gathering.

Monhegan the meeting place,

the group of four, old friends

and new, together.

A toast to making acquaintances and

the good fortune of being on island.

The time honored ritual of breaking bread,

as conversation and wine flow through the evening.

With fond memories, and these words,

I salute you, and your counterparts,

Sisterhood of Seasoned Souls.

As you read, you will recognize yourselves,

those who were present for dinner at six,

and those who were not.

Those who have joined company on the island in times past,

and for all who journey toward a gathering,

for a warm welcome awaits your arrival.

You know who you are, dear ones.

Forged by the life experience,

having had your mettle tested,

you meet life head on.

No princesses here,

only Warhorses,

in the finest meaning of the word.

Strong of spirit, dependable, loyal and dedicated.

If your soul is in danger of drowning in the midst of disaster,

they will throw you a life line, and, by God,

they won’t let you sink!

They are your best companions during troubling times,

and in your most joyous moments.

Like this island where they meet,

their souls are rugged and fit, yet in many ways,

fragile and delicate.

They encourage and comfort.

They nurture and inspire,

with spoken word, and in their silence.

They recognize one another,

for a bonding existed before a physical meeting.

Time shared is filled with abundant laughter,

some tears, much meaningful conversation.

As though Gifts to one another,

they unwrap and untether themselves,

absorbing from one another new experiences

and familiar feelings.

An innocuous time, safe, profoundly innocent and life altering.

They are ever changing, open,

accepting of their lives as they play out,

on paths taken, some intentional, some not,

but all leading to a crossroad here, on this island.

A place of paths crossing, to share and be strengthened,

before once again,

now forsaking apprehension,

they venture off on their separate ways.

R.A. Szostek

5 thoughts on “Dinner at Six, Monhegan House – R.A. Szostek

  1. As I wait for the coming week-end when I shall once again join old friends and new ones Iread this poem and it sings of truth. Thank you.

  2. I’m a lady-in-waiting for in a week I will journey back to Monhegan.
    Thank you for putting into words the treasured Monhegan Moments that so many share .

  3. This poem deeply touched me, especially the “Sisterhood of Seasoned Souls”. As a member of a group of women who share an interest on the Internet, occasionally we are lucky enough to meet in person when our paths intersect. Whether it be over the Internet or when meeting, these incredible women support, encourage, share experiences and are accepting of each other. I feel blessed to have stumbled into this group, which is indeed a “Sisterhood of Seasoned Souls”. This poem so adequately describes our journey. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  4. Thank you to those that commented on Dinner at Six. I am humbled and pleased that we as humans often share and acknowledge such basic human thoughts and emotions.

    I do not know who wrote this thought, but I think it may apply here….”.Namaste…I honor the place in you in which the entire universe dwells. I honor the place in you which is of love, of truth, of light and of peace.
    When you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me We Are One”

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