5 thoughts on “Heading Ashore

  1. Um, I haven’t been there in a while but that doesn’t look like “heading ashore” to me. I’d guess that’s heading due south or southeast away from Manana. I could be wrong. There’s a first time for everything.

  2. Well unless they are heading inshore to Boothbay, that would be the right direction. My guess is heading out to haul some traps to the Southard.

  3. Right now, “ashore” for Raquel and me is Puerto Rico. Thanks Lisa, I should have been more specific.

  4. Nice save, Peter! Hey, though, it’s been simply beautiful here, so maybe it’s time to come home?

  5. Quibble, quibble! This is a breathtaking photograph! I feel I am right there in the boat!

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