5 thoughts on “It won’t be long now

  1. May I ask – how does that feel?
    Admitting my own perspective as one of the Monhegan Commons viewers who “lives on Monhegan in my head”.
    There’s the peace and rhythm of the natural life that’s so altered by the arrival of spring and summer visitors (like myself), but is there something to look forward to in the arrival of the spring migration of the human population arriving on the island?

    1. Lesley, there is an Island saying that goes: “If you can’t take the summers, you don’t deserve the winters.”

  2. Thank you, Peter.

    That is more gracious than a saying that I’ve heard where I live, here in the summer paradise of the northeast, also referring to the attributes of the winter – that the winters keep the riff-raff out….

  3. Ren and I used to stay on Monhegan in the dead of winter. Christmas to after New Year’s. I have to say that it is the best time to be there. For ten years or more we did that in addition to July 4 week.
    You haven’t REALLY been on Monheagn until you stay in the winter. It is very different. I would even say it is better, but that is just me.

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