Joanne S. Scott

Joanne S. Scott

My husband I moved to Chestertown in 1999. After his death in 2009,

I moved to Heron Point in the spring of 2010 from 2 blocks away.

I had lived in Princeton for 12 years and prior to that Annapolis for

30 years. I attended Rhode Island School of Design for 2 years in

1947, returned to study and graduate from Maryland Institute in 1982.

As an artist, I have taught painting since 1969 and have been President

of various art groups in Annapolis, Princeton and, Monhegan. ME and

was founder of Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts and of 1860 House,

Cultural Center in Princeton. As artist and poet, I have published a

dozen or so of my books and received awards for my work in these fields.

I have gone to Monhegan Maine every summer for 30 years and have

a gallery in my cottage. I have recently served for 4 years as the

President of Monhegan Associates, their Land Trust.

At Heron Point, I have been President of the Art Interest Group for

2 years and have taught art classes for the residents. I am also

currently Clerk (Minister) of the Chestertown River Friends Meeting.

I have four children, nine grandchildren and five great grands. I have

sailed and gardened with great joy and miss all that, and am delighted

to be here at Heron Point next to the water.