11 thoughts on “Mmmmmmmm

  1. Funny…when the picture flashed up on my screen “Mmmmmm” is exactly what I thought! Just want to be there…

  2. Just a question: Is it necessary to put in those borders and titles with the photos? I have been saving good photos of Monhegan that have been posted for screen savers. I change them daily and always get my Monhegan fix.
    It seems that it would be preferable to have just the photo.
    Thanks nontheless. It is wonderful to see scenes of Monhegan.

  3. I think it is wonderful that the reaction Kandace and Bob had to this photo was exactly the same as mine and the same as Peter’s title! I gazed at the photo, felt I was actually there, and all of me just went, “Mmmmmmmmm”. It felt so good. It is nice to know that Monhegan speaks to many of us in the same way.

  4. Yep …. Mmmmmmm says it just right and makes one just l o n g to be there and just smell and feel the ocean air and feel how good it can be. 🙂

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