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The purpose of this sub section to Monhegan Commons is to furnish suggested titles of Monhegan related books and articles for all the “Monhegan Book Geeks”, as Karen Shaw Knapp so eloquently put it.  You know who you are! This section will grow and flourish, if you, as well, will share your suggestions here as you find Literature on Monhegan.  We would ask that there is a substantial Monhegan content to what you suggest for reading. It can be in the form of books or articles.  The beginning content of the list below is that, just the beginning.  This section will go on as long as there are books written about and including Monhegan, and as long as readers like yourself share the titles and articles with all of us who wish to read about our beloved island.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions, and/ or suggestions, at     oceanpt9 at     Any and all ideas, or offers of volunteering to help with researching and finding titles and/or articles, are truly welcome!  The inclusion of as much information regarding publishing, etc. is also a plus for those of us who wish to seek them out.


I thank you in advance,

R.A. Szostek



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Monhegan, Her Houses and Her People 1780-1970 by Ruth Grant FallerPublished by Mainstay Publications 1995
ISBN 0-9658593-1-2


The Island Shepherd by Yolla Niclas
Published by Viking 1959


Rediscovering S. P. Rolt Triscott, Monhegan Artist and PhotographerBy Richard H. Malone & Earle G. Shettleworth, Jr.Published by Tilbury House Publishers, Gardiner, Maine  2002
ISBN 0-88448-240-5


A Year on Monhegan by Julia Dean
Published by Ticknor & Fields 1995


The Lobster Coast, Rebels, Rusticators, and the Struggle for a Forgotten Frontier by Colin WoodardPublished by Viking, Penguin Group 2004
ISBN 0-670-03324-3


Under the Grey Gull’s Wing by Alta AshleyPublished by Grey Gull Publications  Fifth printing 1995
ISBN 0-9614592-0-4


This is the Island by Ann Mears WaitzPublished by Amereon House  1994
ISBN 0-8488-1714-1


Five Monhegan Days by Cindy DrakeAlso available a companion video to this book, “Roses in December, the Soul of Monhegan Island”Published by Acorn Productions 2001


Monhegan the Artists’Island by Jane & Will Curtis and Frank LiebermanForeward by Carl LittlePublished by Down East Books 1995
ISBN 0-089272-347-5


Poet’s Cove: an Anthology, Monhegan in Poetry 2000-2002 edited by Marjorie MirPublished by New Monhegan Press
ISBN 0-9742276-0-9


Monhegan: Her Houses and Her People 1780-2000 by Ruth Grant Faller,   Second Edition
Published 2001\Mainstay Publications. 78 Bellevue Ave., Melrose, MA 02176
ISBN 0-9658593-2-0

The Weather and Climate of Monhegan  04852 by Alan Faller
Published by Mainstay Publications
Melrose, Massachusetts
ISBN 0-9658593-3-9

A Foraging Vacationby Raquel Boehmer
Published 1982  Down East Books, Camden Maine

An Eye for the Coastby Earle G. Shettleworth, Jr.
Published 1998Tilbury House Publishers
Gardiner, Maine

An Image of Monhegan by John Kleinhans
Second edition 2000
Published by Precipice Publications
West Hurley, New York
ISBN 0-9660091-2-6

The Art of Monhegan Islandby Carl Little and Arnold Skolnick
ISBN 0-89272-648-2
Available November 1, 2004
Down East Books  Camden, Maine

Marjorie of Monhegan and Ben of Old Monhegan
Both by Sidney Baldwin
Both published by June B. Day 1973 in paperback Ben of Old Monhegan in hard back published 1933 byRow, Peterson and Company Evanston, Illinois

Birds of Monhegan Island, Maineby Monhegan Museum
1970 Pamphlet
Monhegan Museum, Monhegan, Maine

Clear Sailing by Harold B. Clifford
Published by Grey Gull  Publications 1987
Monhegan Island, Maine

David and the Sea Gulls by Marion Downer
Published 1956 Hardcover
By Lothrop,Lee and Shepard Company, Inc. New York

Hark to the Bell Bouys’ Song by Alta Ashley
Published by Grey Gull Publications 1990
Damariscotta, Maine

Island Dreams and Dreary Day Dances by Charlie Charles
Published by Charlie Charles 1993

Island Winter by Charles E. Martin
Published 1993 Hardcover by Greenwillow Books, New York

Islands of the Mid-Maine Coast:Volume III:Muscongus Bay and Monhegan Island   by Charles B. McLane  Published by Tilbury House and the Island Institute of Maine 1992

Monhegan Island and its Lighthouse by Thomas W.Taylor
Published by Infinity Publishing, Haverford, PA 2003

Monhegan Island Maine, Yesterday and Todayby Ade Mersfelder

Monhegan Memories
William Vaughan
Monhegan Island Maine 1998

Monhegan Mishmashby Ruth Lothrop
Published by Ruth Lothrop 1987

Monhegan, Maine: Photosby Lorimer E. Brackett by Lorimer E. Brackett
Published by Colonial Offset Printing,Inc. 1980

Monhegan: The Cradle of New Englandby Ida Sedgwick Proper
Published by The Southworth Press, Portland, Maine 1930

Mug-Up Time on Monhegan by Helen L. Jahn
Pubished by Helen L. Jahn, Monheagan Island, Maine 1956

Raquel’s Guide to Northeast Winter Vegtables by Raquel Boehmer
Seafood Soundings Press, Monhegan, Maine 1988

Raquel’s Main Guide to New England Seafoods by Raquel Boehmer
Published by Seafood Soundings Press, Monhegan, Maine

Sea Horse: A Shetland Pony Comes to Monhegan by Harold B. Clifford
Published by Grey Gull Publications Monhegan, Maine 1987

Side by Side on Monhegan: The Henri Circle and the American Impressionistsby Susan Danly
Monhegan Museum, Monhegan Island, Maine 2004

Summer Business by Charles E. Martin
Pub. By Greenwillow Books, New York 1984

The Allure of the Maine Coast: Henri and His Circleby Jessica F. Nicoll
Portland Museum of Art, Portland Maine 1995

Time Before the Boat by Alta Ashley
Published by Grey Gull Publications, Monhegan Maine 1985

Trailing Yew: A Story of Monhegan by Patience Stapleton
Hudson Printing Company, Boston, MA  1921

The Fortunate Island of Monhegan by Charles Francis Jenney
Reynolds Printing, New Bedford, MA  1927

Island Voices:Poetry of Monhegan, Selected Poems from the Island Visions/Island Voices Shows, Monhegan Island, Maine
Stone Island Press, 2001

Monhegan Memories by Clara Burton
Impatiens Press  1998

Monhegan Island Cooks: Recipes,Art,Poetry
Pub. Monhegan Memorial Library
Monhegan Island, Maine    2002

Post Cards from Monhegan,circa 1900 by Steve Mitchell
Pub. Steve Mitchell, Brunswick, Maine    1995

Lawrence C. GoldsmithA Life in Watercolor by Carl Little, with Foreword by Mel Gussow
Hudson Hills Press  New York and Manchester 2004
ISBN 1-55595-242-9

Abraham J. Bogdanove: Painter of Maineby Jessica F. Nicoll
Spanierman Gallery, LLC, New York  1997

It’s Me O Lord by Rockwell Kent
Published by Dodd, Mead & Co. New York  1955

On IslandChristopher Crossman
Farnsworth Art Museum, Rockland, Maine  2000

Rockwell Kent’s Forgotten Landscapes by Scott R. Ferris
Down East Books, Camden, Maine   1998

Watercolors by William Trost Richards by Linda S. Ferber
Berry-Hill Galleries, Inc. New York  1989

Dead Cat Museum, Monhegan Island by David Grima
James Graham & Sons, Inc. New York    1999

Jamie Wyeth-Monhegan by Lauren Smith
Farnsworth Art Museum, Rockland, Maine   2000

Jamie Wyeth: Islands by Christopher Crossman
Farnsworth Art Museum, Rockland, Maine  1993

Murder with Puffins by Donna Andrews
St. Martin’s Paperbacks, 2001

Monhegan    A Guide to Maine’s Fabled Island   by Mark Warner

ISBN 978-0-89272-721-6   DownEast Books

Monhegan Windows  by Matthew Kiell     copyright 2009 by Matthew Kiell

Hope and Hard Times….communities, collaboration and sustainability              by Ted Bernard   copyright 2010 by Ted Bernard Paperback ISBN 978-0-86571-654-4   New Society Publishers 1-800-567-6772

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