“Monhegan Winds” – Marjorie Mir


                     “Monhegan Winds” 

                     For Jim Guinness

Jim’s music
carries on its crest the day I first heard it
blowing west through the Barnacle’s door.
Listening again, listening each time
I see low-tide rocks, dozing mammoths
in their shag of amber kelp,
drifts of Kathy’s snow-in-summer
filling roadside gullies,
the bluest of island days.

 This Sunday morning, months and miles inshore,
a carillon sends a hymn crosstown
through bare-limbed trees,
hoops, hibachis, picnic tables.
of littered and deserted yards.

 By luck, I  can name two places
my heart’s home,
one, this house, these rooms
where, wind, sail and skiff, Jim’s music
carries me close as I may come in life
to the ancients’ Blessed Isle.

 Marjorie Mir

3 thoughts on ““Monhegan Winds” – Marjorie Mir

  1. Marjorie this is wonderful….and yes, being able to have Jim’s caressing, lovely music with us even off island is a transporting Blessing for the Soul….thank you to you both!!
    R A

  2. Marjorie – I have been a frequent visitor to Monhegan Commons for the past few years and will certainly miss this wonderful connection to a magic place. Thank you for your dedication and for your poetry that always transports.

  3. To ALL of you who have made this wonderful spot the highlight of my day with all your hard work and caring and inputs …. blessings and thanks to all of you…. I wish with all my heart that this could go on and keep all those who love this place, alive….. perhaps in a simpler form. Don’t know how that could/would transpire… know it’s a lot of work…. but, I hate to see this end. Makes me so, so sad!

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