6 thoughts on “Name that Rock

  1. Man, what happen to “employs of this station are not eligible”? I was going to say Norton’s Ledge…..really I was.

  2. I, too, was going to post “Norton’s Ledge” very early after this poser was posted, but I had to check my calender to make sure it wasn’t April 1st. When I clicked on the Comment button I kept getting “Your navigation has taken you into uncharted waters. Please check your chart and get back to the island. ” (It did put a big grin on my face, though!).

    Hey, Lisa … what’s the story behind “Noman’s Ledge?” Sounds ominous. For that matter, what’s the story behind Norman? Who was he or she and why was the Ledge named after her or him?

    1. Good Morning Doug.
      I don’t know the story b ehind nomans ledge but that is what I was told by 2 seasoned fishermen. I am not sure if it is just Maine Dialect or if Mr Norton came through and changed the name to suit himself.
      As far as Norman goes, well that is the name of my father and though he is quiet the character and very well known here on Monhegan, the legde has nothing to do with him!! 🙂

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