Rope Shed, and then some

Oh, this old soul is lamenting the loss of the Ropeshed. It was in the past a forum. Ideas, thoughts to be discussed and ruminated upon, then responded to. Sometimes feisty, of course, but nonetheless invigorating.

You looked at the opening photo. That got your head in the proper space. Then you went to the Ropeshed, where ideas and thoughts and (choke!) yes, criticism was freely and intelligently bantered.

Now, more recently, there are no early morning photos. Just “Essays” about what it feels like to finally set foot on the island after spending the year in Gary Indiana or any of those “other places” whose residences where you regretfully have to spend you empty time.

Come on people, this wonderful island is populated not by your dreams, but by a viable, wonderful, hard-working, intelligent group of hardy residents. That’s Monhegan. If you can’t include that in your fantasies, then you may have just missed the point. You love Monhegan? Move there. Year round! At least in your minds.
Get to know and understand and support that wonderful community.

And then — carry out your trash, as we are asked to do.