One thought on ““Sky Rats”

  1. Awwww, man – now – c’mon! “Sky Rats”???!? that just about always gets me in the guts – iffen one just spends even just a little while checkin’ out our fellow gulls (yeah, even when they’re at the apex of their “pickin’ ” modes at the local dump or where ever), one can always pick out that special discerning bird or eccentric being amongst the crowd – I don’t really see ’em all as that different from us – do they really merit such a derogitory title as all that? (…not that there’s anything WRONG with ‘rats’, per se – ha! j/k….just had to put in my two cents, for what ever a lousy couple o’ cents might be worth these day, [yeah – okay – if ANYthiing]…)

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