The Monhegan Mail Boat

With boat bags and sunscreen the day-trippers ride.

They’ve binoculars, cameras and charts for the tide.

They point and exclaim…are excited and merry As they board the Mail-Boat…that small island ferry!

It brings hikers and bikers and workers with tools…

Boxes of books and equipment for schools…

Tourists and artists and family and friends…

Supplies for the stores and groceries in bins.

This tie to the mainland…this all-mighty link Is precious to everyone…just stop and think!

‘The Mail Boat’ sounds simple…but it’s heart and soul… It keeps the community healthy and whole!

It carries prescriptions, it carries the beer… If it’s on the island, that boat bought it here!

Things for repairs…a piece or a part

To fix up a roof or a car that won’t start!

When you live on an island you have to rely On the Mail-Boat and crew to always supply Everything keeping the island life going No matter the waves or the wildest winds blowing!

The Mail Boat’s the life blood…the binding, the glue… It holds folks together and it’s always true…

That with all else they do, they still never fail….

With every trip out…they bring all the mail.

Poetry by Sue Shaw