What We Knew- Amanda Blair


we were smeared with ocean salt
and blueberry skins,
kelp juice
and seaweed slime

We lingered languidly
withe snails
waiting and watching
for their frightened little
bodies to slither out

of their shells in an attempt to
be on their way-
a journey we loved to hinder
by quickly plucking them
from their rocks hoping to see what was underneath,

but we were never quick enough,
all we saw was that brown
shield slide shut as they coiled
back into their homes
keeping their secrets safe

Dead barnacles crunched
under our feet as we searched out
stranded baby tide pools
in hope of finding a limpet
or five

Because when we were six
a creature with a suction cup
jelly belly that stuck happily
to our fingertips
was all we could have wanted in life

Amanda Blair