Monhegan’s possible wind futures.

A gentleman  living on the shore of Lake Michigan ,who loves that  great freshwater sea, sent these surrealistic possible futures of Monhegan and Manana, should they becomes a locus of Maine wind generation.  After all, if one or two windpoles have ‘no significant impact’, why should 3 or 4?  Or…more?   Take a look at what could  become in a decade or so,  “Powerhegan”, supplying juice to all of Knox CountyWarning: not for the scenically squeamish

Pleaes print out your favorite or least favorite and give one to those fine people of the DeepCWind Consortium when they come to visit Monhegan  tomorrow. Theyll  have all sorts of interesting handouts for you on how wonderful and, perhaps, soothing the suss suss sussuration of the great blades could be.

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  1. While I read mostly novels [fiction] the really good writers include some non-fiction and in the John Irving novel Last Night at Twisted River he has a paragraph or two on the problem of ice forming on the wings of the wind poles and then being let loose. I am not good at all with technical things but that may be a consideration.

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