Fox Islands windmill sound recording – Monhegan’s future?

Monheganers can now contemplate the sort of sound that would accompany an on-island windmill,  should one be built on your fair isle.  Just listen to a  podcast of an hourlong unedited recording of Fox Islands Windmills’  sound on Vinalhaven.    Recorded midnight January 1st 2010, when sound meter registered 49-49 dBa.   Recorded on porch of a house one half mile from closest windmill.   Note the endless warbling “jet-engine” howl.  Background “hiss” is wind in nearby tree branches. As reference, note wind chimes at 13 minutes and 30 seconds.  For more info about the recording and related issues, go to  Fox Island Wind Neighbors website.

2 thoughts on “Fox Islands windmill sound recording – Monhegan’s future?

  1. Oh, that’s rough! Hey, I’ll just keep on breathing these sulphur dioxide and mercury emissions from the coal power plants upwind from us in New Hampshire and MA so we can give your delicate baby-boomer ears a break. Talk about a first-world problem.

    You wonder why island communities aren’t sustainable anymore – it’s because privileged island newcomers can’t stand the sights or the sounds of a community that makes its living off the land.

  2. I wonder if the sounds of a wind turbine would impact the sustainability of the island’s economy.

    The sights and sounds, the majestic skyline and profound quiet that is now broken by the breaking of waves and soft breezes, this experience that draws summer residents, cottagers and visitors could altered so much by the turbine that people would not spend so much money just to be on the island because the island experience is so changed.

    It’s not Monhegan’s energy use that’s driving the deadly pollution of the coal power plants…

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