A few words on the “commons”

Jim has kindly mentioned that I was or would be away for a month or so.  True enough, depending on how you use “away”.  Actually, there are two things going on that would take me out of the active site.  One is the new format, of course.  This is really Jim’s world.  Mine is more what the site is supposed to do content wise.

The other “away thing” is that I am in the process of going from a PC to a MAC.  I am totally computer illiterate.  I am so bad… on two occasions Jim has suspended my Internet license.

Anyway, here I am (back, as it were – well, partially maybe -) on my MAC and do have  photos for the site. Even so, Jim and Peter, a commons do not make.  We are pushing in several directions with the final hope (for us, at least) to create a sustainable interactive community.  More on that later.

For any who want to get involved, I invite your communications (peter@monhegan.com – with “Monhegan Commons” in the subject line).