So long, it’s been good to know yuh

So long, it’s been good to know yuh; So long, it’s been good to know yuh; So long, it’s been good to know yuh. This dusty old dust is a-gettin’ my home, And I got to be driftin’ along   Monhegan Commons will no longer be up dated on a daily basis, and the plan […]

Fire, as seen by an Islander

Hi Peter, General consensus in the light of day is that we were beyond lucky on Sunday night.  It wasn’t very windy, it was REALLY warm for February and Sue Bolman’s well was full.  The pumps didn’t freeze, the wind didn’t take the fire to surrounding houses or the backside and we were able to […]

Fox Islands windmill sound recording – Monhegan’s future?

Monheganers can now contemplate the sort of sound that would accompany an on-island windmill,  should one be built on your fair isle.  Just listen to a  podcast of an hourlong unedited recording of Fox Islands Windmills’  sound on Vinalhaven.    Recorded midnight January 1st 2010, when sound meter registered 49-49 dBa.   Recorded on porch of a […]


With great sorrow I learned of Bob and Ann Bartels loss of their longtime pet (and friend), Shadrach.  Shadrach, at 42, died suddenly.  If you have a picture of the Island’s most famous parrot please either post it here or send it to me and I will do so for you.

Help wanted

This site needs an Art page – which needs an art editor/monitor.  Some knowledge of art is necessary but more important is the ability to stimulate and embolden others to share their subjective Monhegan art experience. It is all an experiment is sharing.  If you are interested in exploring this possibility further, please contact Peter.

Same data – different spin

One way of thinking about “a commons” is that it is a resource shared by a group of individuals.  The key word here is “sharing”.  One can only share that which is his.  In a strange sort way, the proof of having (owning, if you will) is in the giving of it to another.  And […]

Editors Wanted

Wanted! Editors Setting Early September – faculty meeting at Fordham University, Philosophy Department – purpose, teaching assignments.  Envelopes are passed out… opened …. and an audible gasp from a new Jesuit instructor, “Quantum Theory!  I don’t know anything about that…. hell, I’ve never even taught it!” Quest Do you have an interest or passion that […]

Rope Shed here or there?

There are times I wonder about the differences between Recent Comments featured atop the right side bar, and the Rope Shed buried in the headers above.  Of course I know the difference, but am interested in what you think?  Do we need only one (which then and where on the site) or a combination (if […]

Post directly

You can post directly by registering on this page.  This may be sloppy at first as I am at least as new to this system as most of you, but together (with Jim as the technical glue) we can share better the Monhegan we hold in common. Give it a try, Peter