A Summer Afternoon in the Black Duck – Matt Kiell


 (In Memory of Mandy)

 The cat wants in and
The dog wants out
A summer resident from Boston
pops in to catch up

 The cat slips in but
The dog curls up
A day tripper from Kittery
wants a cappuccino, sweet

 The dog finds her frisbee
The cat gets stroked
By a mother (babe in backpack)
sitting down on the steps

 The cat claws the screen
The dog wants out
Two year-round island women
plan a party tonight

 The cat slips in as
The dog slips out with
The gal behind the counter who
slings the toy across the green

 The cat — wait, it’s another cat…
the dog snags the frisbee
The weekly renter in Treetops
buys a tiny lobster boat

 The new cat wants out
The old cat wants in
The dog biting the frisbee
gallops back to the store

 The cat sits, undecided
The dog licks the cat…then wants in
Ten birders with binoculars
buy Monhegan trail maps
The dog wants out

 Now the cat wants in and
The dog wants out
Another customer with a smile
checks the postcards and books

 Matt Kiell