7 thoughts on “Alison Hill Painting

  1. SO GLAD YOU’RE BACK! Love the look… We wish you the best of luck, we’ll be checking back often! Happy New Year!

  2. I’m happy to see Monhegan Commons up and running again; I’ve been anticipating this “next chapter”! -Dawn

  3. So glad to see that old familiar name back with a new website. How I have missed my daily “fix” of Monhegan and it’s many moods, in each season. The best way to start the New Year!!! Thank you to all who managed it.

  4. Thank you! Currently, the website is being maintained by me- Amy Barstow, of the Monhegan Boat Line. I have a decided disadvantage being located in Port Clyde and not Monhegan but hope to have lots of help, content submissions and suggestions so that everyone who loves and enjoys Monhegan can come and get a little taste of Monhegan year round.

  5. I used to look at this website every day from Arizona, counting the days until our Memorial Day week. I am so glad that it has resumed. Thank you for returning this to all of us who treasure Monhegan Island.

  6. Love this picture of Allison painting. We have one of her pieces, painted from about that vantage point, of the harbor. Just beautiful!

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