Another Approach

A Possible Next evolution of Monhegan Commons

When announced that my involvement in Monhegan Commons was coming to an end, I received a lot of lovely notes of what a fine thing it was and what a wonderful job I had done….but not a long lineup of volunteers to take it over.  Actually not a one.  Shy?

Another approach…..Below is how I wanted to fashion MC…..(from About…a statement of purpose)

Monhegan is not just an Island twelve miles off the coast of Maine. There are as many Monhegans as there are minds and hearts that can conceive of it. Monhegan Commons is in search for the essence of Monhegan. Monhegan can be described, only in part, but never defined.   While the site centers on an Island, it really is about the sharing of subjective experiences for the purpose of enriching our own  experience as well as the building of community… a community of individuals who are sharing a commons …  the Monhegan Island that exists not 12 miles off the coast of Maine but the one that resides within our minds, hearts, and imagination.  For, as Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s Fox explains to the Little Prince: “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

So then, what Monhegan is in your heart?  This is a commons after all.  This Monhegan belongs to us all.  Tell us of yours and enrich it with ours.

Literally, what is the essence of YOUR  Monhegan?  Granted, words (language) do not always deal with “essence” well…. unless you are a poet.  So…. express it in art, photography, dance, music, meditation, whatever…. and do it for all of us that the essence of OUR Monhegan might glow anew, brighter, wider.  Let’s see where this goes..