Another Approach

A Possible Next evolution of Monhegan Commons When announced that my involvement in Monhegan Commons was coming to an end, I received a lot of lovely notes of what a fine thing it was and what a wonderful job I had done….but not a long lineup of volunteers to take it over.  Actually not a […]

Thomas Crowley, Jr’s Monhegan

First Contact, Lifetime Impact I first sailed into Monhegan when I was 17. It was 1965. I saw a man walk out of a shelter made of driftwood followed by goats. I saw a white hotel on the other island and no one was there. I heard a car engine and then it stopped. It […]

Larry Wilson’s Monhegan

My first experience of Monhegan was summed up in a sonnet I wrote which starts : “we came last summer, just the day, an impulse ticket out of Boothbay Harbour, and the Island hidden, clouded, veiled in rain…” Someone had declared a poetry night at the Library and I wrote two sonnets in an afternoon […]

Dawn Peck’s Monhegan

I have been really enjoying all the responses to Experiencing Monhegan (for the first time or again).  Monhegan seems, based on so many of these descriptions, to be a true wellspring to many people – a place to be renewed in whatever way each needs to be.  That is amazing.  My own first experience of […]

Remembering Monhegan

(This isn’t MY (Thais Faller Gloor’s) memory, but the response of a friend that brings to mind many things.) Last summer a first-time visiting friend of mine commented after a couple of days on how “immersed in the earth” she felt while on the island. I loved the way she put it, and totally agreed […]