Sunny Day Dormers

Image by Barbara Hitchcock

Island Clouds

Golden hues at Lobster Cove

Image by Rebecca FitzPatrick

Orchard Oriole Monhegan

Image by Angela Ianicelli

Monhegan Harbor looking NW

Image by Dori Scweier

Looking out along Monhegan Is TRL

Image by Dori Scweier

Monhegan Where The Seagulls Fly

Monhegan Where The Seagulls Fly

Dew on a Mushroom

Image by Dorotha Schweier

Image by Dorotha Schweier

The One Million Dollar View

image captured by Barbara Hitchcock

image captured by Barbara Hitchcock

Washerwoman and Tide Pool by Susan Gilbert

oil, 16 x 20

See all of Susan Gilbert’s beautiful art work at the Lupine Gallery.

Hiking Monhegan – Susan Davis


A deer trail tapers

to a dead end.

No view of the harbor, nor of the ocean.

Such a small island,

I must be somewhere.

No map.

Surrounded by tall pines

and a soft carpet of brown needles.

I’ve been lost in these woods before,

following a thinning path

as the thicket closed behind me.

There’s a field to the east,

through the brambles and low branches.

Surer here,

in the middle of nowhere,

than the familiar landscape

of my home

where I rail against the obstructed view,

not content to leave to faith

the promise of a grassy clearing.

Susan Davis



A month ago, upon leaving the hospital tending to Raquel, Tim, our youngest says: “You know dad, you and mom have had a good and long run of it. Isn’t time to move over?” OK, and that applies even more to Monhegan Commons. It is time to turn it over to the next generation…. no hurry, as happens naturally.

If you can envision the next evolution of “the commons” and are interested in finding out more about what’s involved, write to me, peter@monhegan.com.

Yes, it has been a good and long run with Monhegan Commons, thanks to Jim, Marjorie, and most of all you. Thanks to all.


Full moon and….

Full moon and ....



That time of year

That time of year

Monhegan Spring

Monhegan Spring

Island Weddings

Do you have any Monhegan Wedding photographs that you would like posted?  Doesn’t have to be your wedding (assuming the participants are ok with the postings).  Send them to peter@monhegan.com with Island Wedding in the subject line before the first of the year.