A month ago, upon leaving the hospital tending to Raquel, Tim, our youngest says: “You know dad, you and mom have had a good and long run of it. Isn’t time to move over?” OK, and that applies even more to Monhegan Commons. It is time to turn it over to the next generation…. no hurry, as happens naturally.

If you can envision the next evolution of “the commons” and are interested in finding out more about what’s involved, write to me,

Yes, it has been a good and long run with Monhegan Commons, thanks to Jim, Marjorie, and most of all you. Thanks to all.


5 thoughts on “Transition

  1. Thank you, Peter, for all you have done. This site is a daily treat for me. Really, it’s a part of my life.
    In appreciation,
    Joy Bristol

  2. I live in Iowa and visit Monhegan about every two years. I visit Monhegan Commons daily for the photos and poems. It feeds my spirit.
    Thank you for your labor of love. I am certain it brightens more hearts than you can even imagine.
    Kaye Bair

  3. I, too, am so very appreciative for this site and for the wonderful ways in which Peter keeps alive an important connection to Monhegan for those of us whose spirits are fed by being there. Touching base with this site when we are not physically on the Island is a blessing. I love seeing the daily photos, and I especially like that many of the captions bring a smile to my face. Much of the poetry also speaks to my heart.
    Many, many thanks to Peter!!!! And, let me know of ways I might be able to help keep this site going forward.

  4. Yes, this website has been a blessing for many of us who are fortunate enough to visit the island regularly, but only briefly, usually once a year. For the remainder of the year, there is Thank you, Peter.

  5. I had this on the Rope Shed but realize it really belongs here…

    Peter’s quote, about laying aside one’s present life to make room for a new one, while containing wisdom, allows for each to take the appropriate time and course in our own lives to do that I hope, and I hope you Peter take a long time to little by little step back……
    and smiling to myself, I recognize for myself, it is easier said than done. You dear Peter while stepping back into the shadows little by little regarding the Commons, will always be an icon to most of us here and will never be in the shadows of our minds regarding the Monhegan Commons… are Peter, at the very least, the rock upon which the Commons was built….it’s just the way it is. and we Thank You….Thank You.

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